About the book

Nanomaterials for Air Remediation provides a comprehensive description of basic knowledge and current research progress in the field of air treatment using nanomaterials. The book explores how nanomaterials are used in various air remediation techniques, including advanced oxidation processes, biological processes, and filtration. It also covers their combined use as nanocatalysts, nanoantibiotics, nanoadsorbents, nanocontainers, nanofiltrations and nanosensors. Major challenges to using nanomaterials for improving air quality on a mass scale, both practical and regulatory, are also presented. This is an important resource for materials scientists and environmental engineers who are looking to understand how nanotechnology is used to enhance air quality.

Editor(s): Amrane Abdeltif, Aymen Amine Assadi, Phuong Nguyen-Tri, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Sami Rtimi, (Chapter 3, Aslı Baysal, H. Saygin), In Micro and Nano Technologies,Nanomaterials for Air Remediation, (Chapter 3, pages 33-59: Smart nanosensors and methods for detection of nanoparticles and their potential toxicity in air),ISBN: 9780128188217,2020,Elsevier.