About the book

Nanomaterials for Soil Remediation provides a comprehensive description on basic knowledge and current research progress in the field of soil treatment using nanomaterials. Soil pollution refers to the presence of toxic chemicals in soil. Compared with air and water remediations, soil remediation is technically more challenging due to its complex composition. The synergy between engineering and nanotechnology has resulted in rapid developments in soil remediation. Nanomaterials could offer new routes to address challenging and pressing issues facing soil pollution.
This book aims to explore how nanomaterials are used to cleanse polluted soils (organic compounds and heavy metal-contaminated soils) through various nanomaterials-based techniques (chemical/physical/biological techniques and their integrations).

Editor(s): Abdeltif Amrane, Dinesh Mohan, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Aymen Amine Assadi, Ghulam Yasin, (Part 1: Chapter 2 and Part 3: Chapter 17, Aslı Baysal, H. Saygin), Nanomaterials for Soil Remediation, (Part 1 Environmental impact of nanomaterials in soil remediation: Chapter 2, pages 13-32: Interactions of nanomaterials with the soil), (Part 3 Metal-contaminated soils: Chapter 17, pages 371-383: Nanomaterials-based absorbents), ISBN: 9780128228913, 2020, Elsevier.