About the book

Sustainability is an important term for addressing global environmental challenges, raising public awareness, and building a cleaner, more liveable world for future generations. For the principle of sustainability to be fully understood and achieved in society and meet its criteria, it is critical to promote a culture of environmental citizenship in societies. We can use the technological advances and revolutions of the 21st century to spread this idea further even further. As a natural consequence of these developments and improvements, interactive games have emerged. This research aims to provide a new model guideline for creating an educational programme that uses digitalisation to encourage environmental citizenship awareness and behaviour. Preparation, education application, game creation, game application, and distribution methods are the five critical stages in this new model. The model phases are both linked to the difficulties and opportunities arising from introducing this proposed new model. The lack of required and adequate digital infrastructure and professional and trained staff to implement the infrastructure is the most significant challenge in-game planning and execution. In addition, a lack of awareness and expertise among local governments and policymakers is a critical barrier to popularising the idea of environmental citizenship in society. Rapid technological advances and the frequent emergence of various digital infrastructures, and the incorporation of broader capacity-building studies in social issues are solutions to these problems. Overall, raising awareness and disseminating knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals is crucial to fostering transparency, encouraging participatory and inclusive follow-up and review processes, and fostering ownership of the 2030 Agenda’s importance to environmental citizenship.

Selin Süar Oral,Hasan Volkan Oral, Serhat Yilmaz, Hasan Saygin, Gizem Naz Gezgin Direksiz (2022) A Novel Method Suggestion for the Achievement of Environmental Citizenship behaviour in the Digitising World. In: Charles Travis, Deborah P. Dixon, Luke Bergmann, Robert Legg, Arlene Crampsie (Editors) Routledge Handbook of the Digital Environmental Humanities Routledge, DOI: https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003082798, eBook ISBN: 9781003082798.